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Steal Tom Ford’s signature style, by following these few steps

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Steal Tom Ford’s signature style, by following these few steps

Tom Ford is the epitome of style. His creative genius extends through men’s and women’s fashion, to accessories and even to cinemas. A Single Man, starring Colin Firth was Tom’s directorial debut, and proved to be a visual master piece. After 10 years, he gets into the director’s chair again for his new film, Nocturnal Animals. We hear it is going to be another visually stunning and sartorially elegant experience.

Tom’s personal signature look is clean, classic and always well put together. We break down the key points of his daily ensemble, and provide a step by step guide to steal Tom’s signature style.

Wear black

A crisp white shirt and a tailored black suit is Tom’s signature look. Some may think a full black suit looks sombre and old fashioned. However if the suit is well-tailored and accessoried correctly, it is classic and elegant for any occasion.tomford5

Fully fitted jacket waist

Tom’s jackets are fully tailored at the waist. He prefers the jackets to be slightly “too fitted”, with a crease on each side of the front of the jacket. This look works for him, because he is tall and well built. However, it is not recommended for someone with more weight in the belly.

Taper and shorten suit sleeves

Tom prefers a fully tapered sleeve width, with a shorter than usual sleeve length. His shirt cuffs peak out at 1.5 inches, compared to the usual half inch preferred by most other gentlemen. The slim sleeves completes the fully tailored look of the jacket, making it more modern and stylish.

Wear a big peak lapel

Another one of Tom’s signature looks is the large peak lapel. Combined with the well-tailored jacket, the peak lapel adds drama, flare and perfectly reflects Tom’s artistic personality.

Wide leg trousers, full break

To balance his tailored jacket, you will find Tom’s trousers are usually straight cut, with a full break. The traditional look of his trousers breaks away from the slim, short look preferred by younger, fashion chasing men.

Simple white pocket square, square fold

You will find only one colour in Tom’s pocket square collection. A crisp white pocket square in a traditional square fold is a testament to Tom’s dedication to his classic yet minimalistic look.tomford3

Half windor and a collar pin

When Tom is not wearing a bowtie, you will find he usually prefers a simple black or grey tie, knotted in a half windsor, paired with a collar pin. The collar pin helps to keep his look sharp and well put together all day long.

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