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A Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Tailoring Package

A Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Tailoring Package


Basic Suit 
(Worth up to $75.30 of alterations)

This package includes two alterations you must do to every suit, perfecting the length.
This is perfect if you want to finish the look of a well fitting suit by perfectly adjusting the length of the jacket sleeves and trousers hem. If you are a beginner looking to try alterations for the first time, this is also a good starting point.


DSCF1960 crop


Bond Package
(Worth up to $305 of alterations)
Perfect if you have a slightly loose fitting suit and want to achieve the perfect fit. With some size adjustments and styling, we will make your suit look modern, trendy and well fitting.

This package includes the most common alterations we see everyday, including tapering the torso of the jacket, and tapering the legs on the trousers.


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High Street

(Worth up to $500 of alterations)
Perfect for the gents who always have trouble finding a good fit off the rack, and will require a significant amount of tailoring. Also for the more discerning guy, looking for a fully tailored look on all their suits.

We have included in this package, a comprehensive list of services to taper the shape of your jacket, trousers and shirt.





Savile Package 

(Worth up to $1100 of alterations)
This is the top of the range, full service to fully restore an old favourite suit.
Perhaps it’s your first suit that no longer fits, perhaps it’s a high quality expensive suit that you have grown out of, or perhaps it’s a family heirloom passed down from your father.
We can resize it to fit your perfectly, replace the lining and pockets to freshen it up, and have it professionally dry cleaned so it’s ready to be worn again anytime.