“Dress everyday as if you are going to face your worst enemy.”


More often than not, it’s the cut and fit of a suit that makes you feel like a million bucks when you get ready each morning. By specialising in menswear alterations, our modern-day tailors know the anatomy of a suit inside out. You simply need to put on your garments, and we will work out the necessary alterations to get the perfect fit. Quite often, a simple lifting of the hem, or nip in of the waist can drastically improve the look of a suit.

Some of the alterations we can do to improve your look include:


  • Shorten or lengthen sleeves
  • Take in, or let out the torso area to fit
  • Adjust shoulders seams if it is too big, or if the sleeve head doesn’t fit correctly
  • Shorten the jacket length
  • Taper sleeves width
  • Repair or replace the lining


  • Shorten or lengthen the hem length
  • Resizing the waist band to be 1-2 sizes larger or smaller
  • Increase of reduce crutch length
  • Taper the legs for a slimmer look
  • Add saddle in crutch to protect against wear
  • Mend worn out crutch areas


  • Shorten the length with a plain hem or original hem
  • Taking in the waist band
  • Increase or reduce crutch length
  • Taper legs to make slimmer
  • Mend holes in knees, pocket and crutch


  • Shorten sleeves
  • Take in sides seams and darts for a slimmer look
  • Make into short sleeves
  • Make single or French cuff
  • Change the hem length and shape
  • Change or repair collar and cuff

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Invisible Mending

Do you have holes in your favourite suits from moths, silver fish or tearing? That does not mean you have to throw your suit away. Our invisible mending lady can fix the hole in your suit and no one will ever tell the difference. Yumi acquired her skills from Japan and has been doing invisible mending for over 30 years! Contact us to find out more.

We can also invisibly mend holes in knitted garments. This includes wool knits, cotton knits, crotchet and more. We are also specialised in the darning of holes in jeans and the crotch of trousers (dry cleaning first is required)

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Invisible mending

Style Advice

Classic tailoring techniques meets modern styling at The Fitting Room.

We will work with your shape and personal style. Bring your garments to our work room and our stylists will tailor your garments to look modern, comfortable and complement your individual style.

If you don’t know where to start, or haven’t got time to go shopping, our stylists will come to you. From personal shopping service to in home fittings, they will help you build a well-fitting and curated wardrobe effortlessly.

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Concierge Subscription Service

When life gets too hectic, and you have no time to come down to our workroom, we can bring our stylist to you, within the CBD.

Either join our subscription service, to receive unlimited pick up and delivery (non-fitting orders), or pay a small call out fee for our fitter to come to your office.

We also offer free pickups and deliveries to most major financial buildings in Brisbane for orders over $350 (inc. One One One Eagle, 480 Queen Street, Central Plaza, Waterfront Place)

If you are out of the Brisbane CBD, we can arrange delivery via courier or Australia Post.

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