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How to choose the right tailor who will work for you


How to choose the right tailor who will work for you

The first mention of tailoring in the history books dates back to the year 1297, and thus the craft has a long and rich history. It is over these many hundreds of years, that the art form has developed and shaped into what we know it to be today. So what should you look for in a fine tailor? What does good craftsmanship entail?

A fine tailor should have exquisite attention to detail. An eye that can catch the smallest aspect not sitting correctly or the faintest miss match of colours will ensure that each garment it created or altered to perfection, with no hidden mistakes.

They should have clients who have high standing in the fashion industry. Often high end boutiques and brands will have a specific tailor that they send all their clients and garments to. If a tailor has a long list of respected clients and companies who regularly use them, chances are you will be safe in their hands.

Don’t go for the cheapest person on the market. A very wise person once said “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. If you are looking for a quality tailor, take it to the professionals, not the department store seamstress.

Finally, find someone who you can talk with, not at. Communication between a client and tailor is absolutely essential to gaining the best results. You know what you want and thus have to speak to someone who is willing to listen to what you have to say. However, they are a trained professional and do this kind of thing every day, so it’s quite likely they will have some ideas too, that may really enhance the item you are having tailored. Be clear with what you want, but also listen to their expertise, because they are capable of turning a good outfit into an incredible one!

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