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Fine alterations and mending for your designer pieces

Designer clothing is an exciting investment in yourself. Ask anyone who appreciates designer fashion and they will tell you that alterations give you the best return on this investment. When your clothes sit perfectly on you, you will be excited to wear them time and time again.

Fluent in fashion and garment construction, our tailors work with you to carefully elevate your pieces. It might be your latest investment, or a piece that no longer fits as well as it once did. We are located right by the designer flagship stores in the CBD, making it easy to get started.

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Why we specialise in designer alterations

No matter which direction the fashion pendulum swings in, perfect fit is a timeless style aspiration. But who can you trust with your designer pieces?

With a spacious fitting room and tailors who only work on high-end fashion, we ensure you are always impeccably dressed. Our tailors share your appreciation for the materials and finishes that distinguish designer pieces from everyday fashion. We know how to handle fine cashmere and wool, plus the trims, binding and other finishes preferred by luxury brands.

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Designer fashion is all about the details. Our thorough fitting process gives us time to appreciate the intricacies of your garment and ensures you never feel rushed.
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Designer clothing alterations services

From shortening a hem to a complete restyle, we take care of the full spectrum of alterations.

  • Shorten or lengthen sleeves
  • Taper sleeves
  • Taper or let out the torso
  • Adjust shoulder seams
  • Shorten length
  • Repair or replace lining
  • Hemming
  • Taper legs
  • Resize waist (up to 2 sizes larger or smaller)
  • Increase or reduce crotch length
  • Add saddle in crotch
Dresses and skirts
  • Shorten length
  • Take in or let out sides
  • Adjust shoulder seams
  • Reshape and restyle
  • Close or add a vent
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Take in side seams and darts
  • Add darts
  • Crop into short sleeves
  • Make single or French cuff
  • Change hem length and shape
  • Change or repair collar and cuff
We could go on, but we won’t.

This is a selection of the alterations we perform, but all you need to know is this: we can hem, nip, tuck and elevate any designer garment. Contact us to speak about tailoring your clothes, or to make an appointment for a fitting.

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Artisanal alterations for designer fashion
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Established designers are coveted for their house style of suiting. And because we specialise in suit alterations, we know the importance of details such as the iconic Tom Ford cuff and Brioni’s fully canvassed suit construction. While fitting your suit, we take care to preserve these important elements so your suit looks just as the designer intended. These secret codes are what makes luxury menswear a sophisticated art.

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Treat your collectable pieces with the care they deserve. Materials like silk, leather and lace require artisanal hand skills to preserve the look and style of your piece. We regularly work on outfits from designers such as Zimmerman, Louis Vuitton and Scanlan Theodore, giving us a deep understanding of how each brand constructs their garments and the best ways to alter them. This attention to detail is the ultimate expression of style.

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If ever there is an occasion to invest and feel your best, it is a formal event. With the right tailoring, your formal dress or dinner suit will make you look like you belong on a red carpet. Perhaps you are preparing for a wedding, important business event or charity gala. Whatever the big occasion, we advise on fit and talk you through the dress code to ensure you follow through with appropriate accessories.

Why you can trust us with your designer pieces

You can leave your investment pieces with us, knowing that we…

  • Have 20+ years of experience in high-end clothing alterations
  • Are trusted by leading brands, including Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Armani
  • Give you 30 days to ensure you are happy with the final fit
  • Have individual specialists for suits, leather and delicate materials
  • Understand the house styles of leading designer brands
  • Protect an area of rainforest for every alteration over $150 (see details here)

Visit our studio for a fitting and see just how good our tailors can make your designer pieces look.

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“They can visualise what will look good…”

I have always had my clothes altered; because that is the only way it works for ready-to-wear. The clothes are never going to fit all body shapes.

I am very particular and initially I gave the tailors something simple to see if they would measure up and they did – then I gave them more complex things, and now I see them at least once a month. My most memorable experience is a jacket from Savile Row, which is near and dear. It had to get altered when my weight changed and I was nervous. For me the material has to fall correctly and drape properly, and that is exactly the way it was before it got altered and after it got altered. So they are exceptionally good.

The number 1 thing that strikes me when I work with the folks at The Fitting Room is they can visualise what will look good on various body shapes and sizes. Every piece is stitched differently and cut differently, and they understand that.

Shravan Rao
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Because of our CBD location and the reputation of our tailors, we work with designer brands in our studio every day. We also have official partnerships with brands including Louis Vuitton, Armarni, Burberry and Harrolds. That means we are the only alterations studio in Brisbane trusted by these brands.

  • Dresses: We recommend wearing nude undergarments so you can visualise exactly how it will look. If you need a full-length gown altered, bring in the shoes you will wear with the dress to assist with hemming. For individual pieces such as shirts and skirts, it can be helpful to bring in a garment you want to wear them with, so you can appreciate the full outfit.
  • Suits: It is a good idea to bring your shoes so we can get the hem and break right, plus a shirt you want to wear with the suit. You can also bring along your tie, bowtie or pocket square and we can show you how to style these accessories perfectly.

Our point of difference is making designer garments look on-trend and complementary to your shape and style. Often, all it takes is some tapering and hemming, and the look is transformed.

Once we see your piece, we can tell you instantly how to elevate it – this is a big relief when you cannot identify why something just doesn’t look quite right.

It’s important to allow yourself time to have your piece altered well. We recommend planning your fitting for a time when you aren’t feeling rushed, as this allows you to relax and enjoy the process of working with your fitting stylist.

  • Minor alterations: Within 5-7 days
    These include hemming, tapering and shortening sleeves.
  • Major alterations: 2-4 weeks
    These include changing shoulder width, garment restyle or removing the pleats on trousers.

We let you know at your initial fitting how long the process will take, and email you as soon as your garments are ready.

Learn more about the process here.

We don’t have a price guide online, because every garment is made differently. If you want to know how much your alterations will cost, request a free quote.

In most cases, you can simply walk in and our fitting stylists will assist you immediately. However if you are visiting with a wedding party or you need a complex restyle, we recommend booking an appointment to ensure the right team member is available to help you.

Yes, we love to show off our handiwork! We will gladly show you photos of work we have done before on designer garments and talk you through the process. Just email or call us.

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