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Fine Suit Alterations and Mending

A lot of people believe their suits should fit straight off the rack – especially if it has a designer price tag. Which might leave you wondering whether you will ever achieve that polished look others manage to pull off effortlessly.

The simplest fix is to have your suits altered or mended. Whether you’ve spent $300 or $3000 on a suit, we will make sure you are the best dressed person in the room with our specialist suit alterations service.

Our suit specialists can work with that daring velvet jacket, handle linen pieces with care and give your power suit the perfect finishing touch.

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Why We Specialise In Suit Alterations

Many men feel like once they reach a certain age or point in life, they should just ‘know’ how to style and shop for suits. But here’s the thing: there aren’t a lot of places where men can receive independent style tips.

So we have created a space where you feel comfortable to let your guard down, knowing you can have an honest conversation without any judgment, jargon or pressure to buy a garment.

In fact, we’ve even written a book with our tips, plus common concerns we hear about suits.

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Feel confident knowing we have done this many times before. Our team works on 20,000 suits per year and knows the anatomy of a suit inside out.
Request a quote to see how we can elevate your suit.
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Suit Alterations Services

From shortening a hem to a complete restyle, we take care of the full spectrum of suit alterations.

  • Hem and tapering pants
  • Shorten jacket sleeves
  • Shorten jacket length
  • Taper jacket at the waist
  • Add side adjusters to pants
  • Replace jacket lining
  • Take in or let out pants at the waist
  • Suit restyling

Your fitting stylist will advise what alterations your suit requires to make it look custom made. Contact us if you have any questions, or to make an appointment for a fitting.

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Buying a suit is an exciting investment in yourself
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Put your wardrobe to work
Corporate suit alterations

They call it a power suit for a reason. Putting on a well-tailored suit not only gives you a boost of confidence, it also elevates how others see you. From graduates to CEOs, we work with professionals to elevate their corporate wardrobe. All it takes is a fitting in your lunch break to transform your suits into pieces that make a lasting impression.

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Prepare to say I do
Wedding suit alterations
Blow your partner away when they see just how sharp you look at the other end of the aisle. We will make you look polished and ensure you have plenty of room for celebratory hugs and showing off your moves on the dance floor. Even if you don’t often wear suits, we carefully explain the whole process so you know what to expect.
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Nail the dress code
Black tie alterations
You cannot take shortcuts on a black tie dress code. Play it right and you will be amazed at just how sharp you look. We specialise in improving the fit of tuxedo and dinner suits, and adding finishing touches like satin strips to pants. We can also give you advice on everything from your shirt to the accessories, so you look the part.
Why you can trust us with your suit
You can leave your suit with us, knowing that we…
  • Alter 20,000+ suits per year
  • Have 20+ years of experience in suit alterations
  • Are trusted by leading brands, including Canali, M.J. Bale and Louis Vuitton
  • Wrote one of the only books on how to wear and alter a suit
  • Give you 30 days to ensure you are happy with the final fit
  • Have weekend fitting appointments for busy people
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“I never have to miss out on purchasing something I love because of fit”

The first time I went to The Fitting Room on Edward, the manager fitted me in the suit, advised me on the alterations required to look good, and had the suit ready well before I had to fly out for an event. I had never had a suit that fitted so well; it looked like it was tailor-made for me.

I now know about box pleats, darts, and the difference between a slim leg and baggy leg pant. Having The Fitting Room on Edward on my side, I never have to miss out on purchasing something I love, just because of size or fit. When I get compliments on my clothes now, I know that “fit” is one of the main reasons.

Ryan Clancy
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Our point of difference is making suits look on-trend and complementary to your shape and style. Often, all it takes is some tapering of the trouser legs and slimming of the jacket sleeves, and the look of a suit is transformed.

Once we see your suit, we can tell you instantly how to elevate it – this is a big relief for our clients who do not wear suits often and need that extra guidance.

It’s important to allow yourself time to have your suits altered well. We recommend planning your fitting for a time when you aren’t feeling rushed – this allows you to relax and enjoy the process of working with your fitting stylist.

  • Major alterations: 2-4 weeks
    These include changing the shoulder width of a jacket, or removing the pleats on trousers.
  • Minor alterations: Within 5-10 days
    These include shortening and tapering trousers, and shortening sleeves.

We let you know at your initial fitting how long the process will take, and email you as soon as your garments are ready.

Learn more about the process here.

You generally only need to visit us for the initial fitting and to try on the altered suit, however for complex restyles, we may need an extra fitting to make sure it is just right. Your fitting stylist will let you know upfront what is involved.

Yes, our fitting stylists can travel to residences or offices within 15km of Brisbane CBD. A call-out fee does apply – see our Concierge page for more information about call-outs.

This is a bit more of an art than a science, because it depends on a few factors.

For example, shorter trouser hems have been trending for a while. We determine whether that is the right look for you by assessing how wide the trouser legs are, your body shape and whether you will be wearing the pants to a casual or formal occasion. Being able to weigh up all of these considerations is how we add value to our clients.

Even so, there are some general rules to keep in mind when buying a suit:

  • Shoulders: The width of a jacket or shirt should sit on your shoulders perfectly, as shoulders are the most complex alteration. The edge of the shoulder seam should sit in line with the widest part of your arm. If you can see a dent between the edge of the shoulder pad and your arm, the garment is too big.
  • Fit the widest part first: Whether it’s your shoulders, chest, tummy, waist or hips, always make sure your garments fit your widest areas, as we can alter any areas that are too big elsewhere.
  • Torso: If you have a slim torso, look for shirts that are slim cut with no pleats in the back and perhaps have darting. If you have a wide torso, look for shirts with a pleat in the back (usually a centre pleat or box pleat).
  • Sleeves: Sleeves can be shortened easily, but they cannot be made longer, so avoid garments where the sleeves are too short. If you are buying a jacket with surgeon’s cuffs (functional buttonholes on the cuffs) be aware that the sleeves can only be shortened from the shoulder, which is a more complex process.
We don’t have a price guide online, because every suit is made differently. If you want to know how much your alterations will cost, request a free quote.

Of course. Having your suits fitted as a group is the best way to ensure you all have the same consistent look on the big day. Just be sure to book an appointment in advance so we know to expect you.

Please note that we don’t allow you to bring food or drinks into our studio, but we are near plenty of great bars and restaurants if you wish to celebrate after your fitting!

Here in Brisbane, you often need to remove your jacket in summer to remain comfortable. That is why we recommend altering your shirts to improve your style.

We can fix sleeve length and ballooning at the back, ensuring your shirt always sits well without the need to constantly adjust it and tuck in excess material. To make it even easier to get a perfectly fitting shirt, we also have an affordable made-to-measure shirt service.

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