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Get dressed for the best party you will ever attend

You are about to have the best day of your life – a day that will make you smile whenever you think about it in the future. When you look back on your wedding, we also want you to think: wow, I looked amazing.

Whether you are planning a relaxed beach ceremony or a formal indoor service, our wedding alterations service will make sure you look every bit as stylish as you hoped. With suit and bridal specialists attending to you in a VIP fitting room for weddings, you can have all of your wedding garments tailored at one destination.

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Why we specialise in wedding alterations

Your wedding day is about the little moments: getting dressed, seeing your partner at the other end of the aisle and big bear hugs after the ceremony. When you bring us your wedding dress or suit, these are the moments we have in mind at your fitting.

Your fitting stylist will work with you to achieve your dream look, while still allowing you to move around and enjoy every minute of your day. We want you to be able to dance, hug and generally be the best version of yourself in your clothes.

Your consultation happens at our private bridal room, so you have time and privacy to get these details right. Book an appointment to secure a time for your fitting.

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Relax knowing we have done this before. After 20+ years, we have worked with thousands of brides and grooms. We create contemporary wedding looks using traditional artisan techniques.
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Wedding alterations services ​

From shortening a hem to a complete restyle, we are the highest rated bridal alterations service in Australia.

Bridal alterations
  • Dress hemming
  • Reshape bust or neckline
  • Add or remove sleeves
  • Add a bustle
  • Taper waist
  • Lace appliques
  • Host private wedding fittings in the VIP lounge
Wedding suit alterations
  • Hem and tapering pants
  • Shorten jacket sleeves
  • Shorten jacket length
  • Taper jacket at the waist
  • Add side adjusters to pants
  • Replace jacket lining
  • Take in or let out pants at the waist
  • Suit restyling

This is a selection of the alterations we perform, but all you need to know is this: we can hem, nip, tuck and elevate any special wedding dress or suit. Request a quote to get started.

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Boho, timeless or black tie... we help you create any wedding look
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Wedding dresses
Brides, bridesmaids and flower girls

You found the dress, now the alterations process will make it truly yours. You work with our bridal fitting stylist Sheena, who will carefully assess the pattern, cut and material of the dress to fit it to your body shape. The process typically takes 2–3 fittings for bridal gowns, and 1 fitting for simple bridesmaid alterations.

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Wedding suits
Grooms, groomsmen, bridal suits and groomswomen

If you have invested in a wedding suit, we will give it that tailor-made look. From relaxed linen suits to tuxedos, we work with men and women to fine-tune their suits, making them look taller, slimmer and refined. Finish the look with our made to measure service that lets you design a sentimental shirt, complete with monogramming on the cuff.

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VIP outfits
Parents of the bride and groom

Who is even more excited for your wedding than you? Your parents. So let us make them look their best. Your father will feel like a million bucks in an altered suit, and your mother will hardly believe how chic she looks in an outfit tailored just for her. We regularly work on garments from popular brands for weddings, including Carla Zampatti, M.J. Bale and Armani.

Why you can trust us with your wedding dress and suits

You can leave your precious garments with us, knowing that we…

  • Alter 20,000+ suits per year
  • Have 20+ years of experience in bridal alterations
  • Are trusted by leading brands, including Babushka Ballerina, Bloom Bridal and M.J. Bale
  • Give you 30 days to ensure you are happy with the final fit
  • Specialise in delicate alterations, including lace, beads and sequins
  • Make sure you see the same fitting stylist at every appointment
  • Plant a tree for every alteration over $150 (see details here)

Speak to a fitting stylist about the look you want to achieve. In just one fitting, you will see just how good you could look on your wedding day.

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“Fixed a huge problem that we thought was impossible to fix.”

My partner and I flew to Brisbane from New Zealand for a wedding, where he was actually one of the bridesmaids IN the wedding. Because of this, he had his suit custom-made and tailored to him, here in New Zealand, but they had royally messed it up. The pants were extremely baggy, didn’t fit properly, bunched at the ankles, etc.

Because he was given back the suit the day before we flew out, there was no time to fix it. I had contacted The Fitting Room via email before we arrived, because they were the closest place to our hotel, explaining the situation, and seeing if there was anything at all they could do.

They got back to me right away, and said sure thing, bring it in. Long story not so short, the woman we dealt with was AMAZING and so funny and pleasant. Not only did they fix his suit perfectly for him, but they did it with such a big time restraint, and fixed a huge problem that we thought was impossible to fix. We left very happy.

Cassie Rogers
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“I am amazed at how quickly they were able to accommodate our requests.”

Thank you to Clare and the team for doing a wonderful job with my wedding dress and fiancé’s tuxedo! My dress required a lot of alteration and I am amazed at how quickly they were able to accommodate our requests and get everything finished in 2 weeks! The staff were highly professional and super friendly!

Abbie and Alex Giles
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On average, bridal alterations take 6-8 weeks and suits take 2 weeks. In this time, you will have a minimum of 2 fittings. After we assess your garments at your first fitting, you will be given an exact timeframe with the number of fittings required.

Basic alterations such as hemming for suits and bridesmaid dresses can be completed within 1–2 weeks and only require 1 fitting.

Yes you will. The fitting stylist you meet at your first fitting will be with you through to your wedding day.

Your fitting stylist also works hand-in-hand with the bridal and suit tailors in our studio to communicate everything you discussed in your first fitting, and check the completed alterations before your next fitting. This makes the process far more precise and enjoyable for you.

Yes, please book an appointment here

Our bridal consultation appointments are $100 payable upon booking your initial wedding consultation. Which  will be deducted from your total alterations bill once you decide to go ahead with the job.

Apart from your garments, remember to bring the shoes you will wear on the day, so we can get the dress and trouser hems exact. For dress alterations, it is also a good idea to wear the undergarments you plan to wear on the day to help with bust sizing. For suit alterations, bring along your tie or bowtie and we can show you how to tie it perfectly.

Teary person? Don’t worry if you forget the tissues – we always have them on hand.

The average cost of wedding dress alterations is $800. These guidelines give you a rough idea of cost, but every garment is different. As such, we prepare every quote individually.

  • Beaded and lace dresses take in and shorten: from $600 to $1500
  • Silk gown take in and shorten: from $200 to $1000
  • Taper and hem suit jacket and pants: from $150

If you would like a rought idea on the costs, request a quote here  or make an appointment for a consultation. 

Only if there is something you want significantly altered, such as the shape of the neckline or bust.

Because our bridal tailors have so much knowledge of pattern making and experience working with bridal fabrics, they are able to make alterations while staying true to the design of the garment. That means you won’t be able to spot the difference between the original garment construction and the alterations. Throughout our process, we make sure every bead placement and seam is executed flawlessly.

The result is a dress that flatters your shape, and looks just as good as you imagined.

It’s not a party if you don’t get at least one mark on your clothes. Bring your suits and dresses back to us after your wedding, and we will have them professionally dry cleaned for you. Our hand-picked dry cleaner is the only one we trust with bridal garments, and we can also organise for your wedding dress to be boxed too.

Not sure how to look after your wedding suit? Check out our top 10 tips for cleaning and storage here.

Our point of difference is making suits look on-trend and complementary to your shape and style. Often, all it takes is some tapering of the trouser legs, and slimming of the jacket sleeves, and the look of a suit is transformed.

Once we see your suit, we can tell you instantly how to elevate it – this is a big relief for our clients who do not wear suits often and need that extra guidance ahead of their wedding.

The #1 piece of advice we want to give you is to avoid purchasing a dress or suit that is too small as motivation to lose weight, as this puts unnecessary pressure on you. We can easily make things smaller to fit you, but we cannot make them larger.

Due to the size of our team, we are able to turn around wedding dress alterations in 4 weeks and suit restyles in 3 weeks. Once you are close to reaching your ideal weight, come and see us and we can start the process for you. You will have at least 2 fittings, so we can make multiple adjustments throughout the process.

Of course. Having your garments fitted as a group is the best way to ensure you all have the same consistent look on the big day, which is why we have a private fitting room that’s designed for wedding parties. Just be sure to book an appointment in advance to secure you fitting.

***Please note that due to current COVID restrictions, we can only accommodate fittings for three people. This is a temporary measure for everyone’s safety and we thank you for understanding.

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