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6 of the best info-graphs on the internet to help you look well dressed everyday

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Ever wonder how guys on instagram look well dressed in every shot? Ever feel lost trying to match your tie with your socks? We have found the 6 best info-graphs on the internet, so you can put together awesome outfits everyday.

1. First thing’s first, your suit should fit properly

Here are few quick tips on finding the right size, or get it tailored to the right proportions.


2. Outstanding socks are all the rage right now

Who knew there were so many shoe and socks combinations?


3. Be a pro next time you go and buy a shirt, and ask for the exact style of collar you like.


4. Here comes the real tricky stuff, pattern combinations.

Learn How To Match Shirts And Ties 1

5. Up your pocket square game and try a different fold every day!

Pocket Square

6. Maximise every suit by using different combinations of shirts and accessories.


Now go on and try your own combinations, and be sure to tag us on instagram.

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