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Canali – How Successful Men Dress

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How Successful Men Dress

An interview with Aung Lynn, Director of Mitchell Ogilvie Menswear

Aung Lynn is one of the most stylish man in Brisbane. He has headed multiple international fashion houses in Brisbane (eg. Hugo Boss), before joining Mitchell Ogilvie as a director 6 years ago. Over the years, Aung has dressed influential and successful men all over Queensland, including Don Meij, Campbell Newman and more. Last month, Mitchell Ogilvie invited Mr. Paolo Canali to Brisbane for the launch of their brand new Canali Flagship store.

Q: What motivated you to be where you are today?

I love Fashion. I have been in this industry for 28 years, working with different types customers throughout my different roles. When I joined Mitchell Ogilvie as a business partner, I knew this is where I can utilise my experience and style to help others dress well.

Q: Why is it important for Men to Dress for Success in the work place?

It doesn’t matter if it is 36 degrees outside, I never go to work without a properly fitted jacket on. What you wear everyday is your suit of armor. Putting on a properly fitted outfit everyday, translates into your work. If you are wearing thongs and shorts, you will feel crap and sloppy. If you wear a sharp suit in the morning, it will translate into your work, improve your confidence and increase your productivity.

Q: How should men dress for success?

Finer suiting fabrics are better for the Brisbane climate, it looks better overall. The price tag of the suit is not the most important detail. Make sure your suit is fitted properly, styled with the right accessories and suits your shape. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit. It is uncomfortable, distracting and will decrease your overall performance. Also, I would never recommend something for a customer just to follow fashion. Clothes should fit each person’s style and shape.

Q: You work with lots of successful and powerful men, what are their dressing habits?

My customers are usually too busy to browse through shops, or work out how to match outfits. They come to me, and trust me to pick out the right pieces, and style it for them each season. The outfits should fit their shape, personality and field of work. We fit each customer in store, and all the garments are tailored by our trusted long term partner, The Fitting Room on Edward.


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