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46 reasons to dress better in 2017

46 Reasons To Dress Better In 2017

46 reasons to dress better in 2017

One should always dress his best everyday, because dressing well is not self-importance, it’s a form of self-respect. However, just in case you need more convincing, here are 46 reasons to dress better in 2017.

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression

2. Dressing well shows maturity of the wearer

3. The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself changes the way other people hear what you have to say

4. When you are wearing quality well-fitting clothes, if gives you a reason to stay fit to be able to keep wearing them

5. Your tailor will remember you and alter your clothes to fit your style without prompting

6. Men will stop to admire your look on the street

7. Women will stop to admire your look on the street

8. Your boss will take more notice of what you have to say

9. You are more likely to get upgrades at hotels

10. Your chances of getting the job or promotion is increased

11. Clients will find your more trustworthy to take care of their business, because you take pride in your appearance

12. Dressing well shows self-respect

13. You will own more than 2 pairs of leather shoes

14. Strangers will give you the benefit of the doubt

15. A well-fitting suit makes you look like you are in great shape, even if you are not

16. You will look confident and fabulous when you run into an ex

17. Your handshakes become stronger and more confident

18. Shoe polish becomes your friend

19. You start visiting your local tailor every month

20. You are more likely to get an upgrade on a flight

21. You will own more than 2 ties, in fact more than 10 ties

22. You will start to seek out formal events to wear your beautifully tailored suits

23. You become familiar with your dry cleaner

24. You’ll become better at accepting compliments

25. You are more likely to be able to take that Ferrari out for a test drive at the showroom

26. You’ll always look good in photos

27. You’ll never have to worry about having nothing to wear again, because everything in your wardrobe is well curated

28. You will inspire other to dress better

29. People will pay more attention to you when you are making a presentation

30. You look forward to colder days to wear your coats, hats and gloves

31. You will starting drinking whisky

32. You will start to visit a proper barber regularly

33. You will start to look after your skin

34. You start to include clothing and grooming into your monthly budget

35. You start working out more to look even better in your suits

36. You begin to understand the power of appearance

37. Your peers will respect and listen to you more

38. When you go shopping for clothes, you dictate what you want to buy, not the assistant

39. People will remember you more, even after meeting you only once

40. You become familiar with different types of fabrics on suits

41. You understand what are pleats, vents and braces

42. You will reconsider the hem and sleeves length on all the garments you already own

43. You start investing in pocket squares, cufflinks and other accessories that will change the look of your outfit

44. Friends and colleagues will start asking you for style advice

45. You don’t have to worry about not finding something that fits off the rack, because your tailor is your best friend

46. Cheap, throwaway fashion is so 2016

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