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Part 4 of 4: 53 more things your tailor can do for you

53 More Things Your Tailor Can Do For You

53 more things your tailor can do for you

Apart from adjusting the size and length of your garments to fit properly, there are so many more things you tailor can do to add value and flare to your wardrobe. Here are 53 more things, your tailor can do for your garments.


  1. Put silky saddle in trousers to make them last longer
  2. Mend ripped seams in trousers
  3. Replace the fabric in crutch of trousers if badly damaged over time
  4. Replace or repair damaged pocket lining
  5. Mend rips in jeans
  6. Create rips in jeans
  7. Create frayed look on hem of jeans
  8. Make jeans into shorts
  9. Change the front of jeans from button fly to a zip opening
  10. Make high waist jeans into low waist jeans
  11. Change flares into skinny leg
  12. Add or remove buttons for braces
  13. Add or remove adjuster tabs
  14. Make new belt loops if damaged
  15. Add or remove cuffs on the hem
  16. Replace broken zipper
  17. Add or remove lining in trousers
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  1. Change from long sleeve to short sleeve shirt
  2. Remove pleats in the back of shirts to change into a slim fitting shirt
  3. Add feature colour panel inside collar of shirt
  4. Turn the collar upside down to hide damaged fabric
  5. Add or remove pockets
  6. Remove collar for a mandarin look
  7. Add button/buttons holes on collar peaks to hold it down
  8. Change buttons to add a pop of colour to the shirt
  9. Make new buttonholes to make into a stud shirt
  10. Make a panel of fabric to hide buttons on the front of the shirt to change up the style
  11. Slice in feature panels with different fabric on the body of the shirt to create a completely different look
  12. Make new sleeve cuffs with feature colours to reflect your personality
  13. Make French cuffs into single cuffs
  14. Reduce the length of cuffs
  15. Shorten the length of shirt, so it does not need to be tucked in
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  1. Swap out the buttons to look like a sports coat
  2. Add to remove shoulder pads to change the look of the jacket
  3. Remove half lining to make into a lighter summer jacket
  4. Change the lining if it’s damaged
  5. Add trimming around cuffs and lapel to make it into a tux
  6. Add decorative stitching around lapel and edging of jacket
  7. Change up button hole colours on the cuffs of sleeve to make feature buttonholes
  8. Add fabric or leather elbow patches
  9. Open buttonhole on lapel for traditional lapel pins
  10. Shorten the length of the jacket for a more youthful look
  11. Make vent straps to so the vents don’t flare at the back of the jacket
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Waist coat

  1. Change lining colour for a feature look
  2. Change shape of neckline from straight to round
  3. Change length of waist coat
  4. Change buttons of waist coat to change the look
  5. Add or remove waist adjusters in the back
  6. Change the shape of the hemline to straight or angled


  1. Custom make bow ties and neckties with special fabric
  2. Make pocket squares with special fabric
  3. Sew down fake pocket squares in jacket pockets
  4. Widen or narrow neckties according to the trend

There you have it. Next time you are at your tailors, try and upgrade your look by adding in one of these extra services, and stand out from the crowd.

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