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How to Keep Your Trousers From Wearing Through

Have you noticed that clothes seem to wear out a lot faster now than they used to? In some cases, a brand-new pair of trousers will wear out after just a few months. Are garments just not made like they’re used to, or are there other reasons behind it?

We break down some of the reasons why your trousers might be wearing thin at the crotch. We’ll also cover how you can prevent it from happening, and how to fix any issues.

Why does the seat wear out so quickly?

Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Muscular thighs: Leg shape plays a huge part in the likelihood of the trousers wearing out. You may unknowingly have one of those body shapes where the thighs of your legs rub together while walking.
  • Tight trousers: This is more common than you may think. Trends have encouraged men to wear very slim-fitting trousers. This may look great in photos and while you are standing, however, it adds stress to the hip area and can cause damage to the fabric very quickly.
  • Thin fabrics: Finer fabrics for wool trousers in the Super 150s range and upwards are extremely soft. They are expensive, drape beautifully on the body, and feel wonderfully soft against the skin. However, fabrics of this weight will wear out much faster than a Super 110-130s, natural fibre or synthetic blend.

What can I do to stop this happening?

Don’t be discouraged. Here are a few things you can do to slow down the wear and tear.

  • Add a saddle: A saddle is a piece of silky fabric, cut in a triangular shape and attached to the inside seat of the trousers. Adding a large saddle will help to absorb moisture, and reduce the wear on the wool fabric. This will help to prolong the life of the trouser crotch.
  • Get the right fit: The “rise” is one of the most important fits on a pair of trousers. This is the seam that runs from the centre of the waistband, down and around to your zipper. The “rise” needs to fit comfortably around your seat. If it is too short, the trousers will ride up to your bottom. Not only is this uncomfortable, but the fabric will also wear out quickly.
  • Take it easy: A lot of men don’t realise that tailored suits should not be worn while doing vigorous activities. For example, going out for a night on the town, getting on that mechanical bull, or even just cleaning under the desk can cause an accidental rip.
  • Air it out: Moisture and bacteria from the body can make the fabric brittle over time and become damaged more easily. At the end of the night, hang up your suit and trousers in a well-ventilated area so they have a chance to dry properly and return to their original shape.

For those trousers that are already worn out in the crotch area, they can still be saved! 

Just bring it along to your local alterations tailor, and have the crotch mended or even replaced. At The Fitting Room on Edward, we patch an extra piece of fabric under the damaged area and make it nice and strong again.

Finally, we encourage you to buy good quality garments. By looking after them, they will last the distance and prevent any long term costs.

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