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Why pleat front pants suit every body shape

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Why pleat front pants suit every body shape

You know that feeling when you are trying to sit down, but the sides of your trousers are restricting you, and you feel as if your pants are about to split? Or you wonder why the crotch of your trousers wear out every 3 months? How about the fact your trousers pockets are always flaring open at the sides, like Dumbo ears?

The solution is all of the above is pleated trousers! Pleats have been out of fashion since the 80s, but they are making a huge come back. When well-tailored, a pleated pair of trousers are stylish, comfortable and fashion forward. Here we break down three reasons why pleat front pants suit every body shape.

Pleats are the extra folds are the front of your trousers next to the zipper. There are inward folding pleats, outward folding pleats and double pleats. The pleats provide extra fabric around the bottom and thigh area. We recommend one small outward facing pleat for men who have muscular bottoms and thighs. From below the thigh, the trousers should be proportionally tapered towards the ankles, finishing at a half break to no break, with or without cuffs.

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The extra room around the seat and thighs provide the room you need for movement and sitting down. You can even do the splits in them if you like (please do not try at home unless you are a gymnast). The outward facing pleats are especially useful for guys with muscular thighs, and usually have trouble finding trousers that fit off the rack.

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Stop following the trend. The flat front look with a very tightly tapered legs has been all the rage in the last 5 years, but they usually only work for men that are slim and tall, and are uncomfortable to wear. There is just something sophisticated about wearing a pair of tailored pleated pants. It shows that you understand fashion and bold enough to break out of the fashion mould. To finish the look, it is imperative to make sure the legs are tapered proportionally towards the ankle, and the length is no longer than a half break.

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Because off the rack flat fronts don’t fit everyone

Very rarely will you be able to find something off the rack that will fit straight away. Most trousers off the rack are flat front, have a short rise, and the legs are slim cut. That means most a lot men will need to go up a size to fit the seat, then have the waist taken in. For guys with a muscular seat, they will often find the rise is too short. Instead of slim trousers, try and go for the high waisted, pleat front trousers. The higher waist means the fabric will curve around the bum comfortably and the waistband stay at your natural waist throughout the day, even when sitting down. The pleats will ensure your pockets will stay flat instead of flaring opening.

Where to buy?
So the next question is where to buy pleat front trousers. The best option is to call your favourite brand and find out if they produce them. But until pleat-front pants come back into main stream fashion, the best option is to go custom made.

Custom places to try:

Contact us to find out how we can make your trousers fit better.

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