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The makings of a power suit

Don Draper power suit

The makings of a power suit

by Clare Sheng

Why is it still important to wear a power suit in 2017?

In the last 10 years, the emergence of the modern tech firms such as Google, has given rise to a new breed of casually dressed, modern professionals. Icons like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs never wore a suit, they found fashion a distraction, opting to wear a uniform of plain t-shirts every day. However, if you are not yet a multi-millionaire or eccentric CEO, can you afford to dress in a shabby fashion in the work place?

I believe we need to go back to basics, and start putting our emphasis on wearing power suits again. Apart from the obvious, such as you only get one chance to make a first impression, there are hundreds more reasons to wear a power suit to succeed in the work place.

Below are FIVE examples, to showcase how wearing a power suit everyday will change your life.


Commanding Leadership

Houseofcards Power Suit
Don’t ask for attention and respect, command it. “If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table”, as Frank Underwood famously says. Nothing prepares you for upturning the status quo by wearing your power suit. When you are the best dressed person in the room, you instantly become the voice of authority and power.

Exude Confidence

Don Draper power suit
Fake it or make it. Who is more likely to get an upgrade on a flight, take a Ferrari out for a test drive, or get a better hotel room, someone dressed in a blue t-shirt and jeans, or someone dressed like Don Draper? A power suit reduces your self-doubt and brings the confidence you need to close that deal.



In Control

James Bond Power Suit
You understand the power of appearance, so your suit is always impeccably styled and pressed. Your handshakes become stronger and more confident. You know what you like, and you don’t settle for second best. People will remember you, even after meeting you only once, and they will pay more attention to what you have to say.

Winner’s attitude

Suits-group-imageAs Harvey Spector says in Suits: “That’s the difference between you and me, you want to lose small, I want to win big”.  A powerful suit is a reflection of your attitude to strive to be a winner. Don’t have dreams, have goals.

Ladies’ Man

Be prepared for any situation life may throw at you, such as an impromptu presentation, an unscheduled photo, meeting someone new, or bumping into your ex. You will look your best in every scenario. A well-cut suit will also make you look in greater shape than you are.


Every man should have a minimum 2-3 well tailored suits, in charcoal, navy and black. They need to be perfectly tailored to fit your body, as there is nothing more distracting than ill-fitting garments, that make you look like you are wearing someone else’s clothes. The suits are well-cared for with no wrinkles or stains, and finished with clean and classy accessories.

If you are uninspired by your wardrobe each morning, or have suits that just don’t make you feel like the powerful man you are, come and see us at The Fitting Room. A small nip and taper can often dramatically change the look of a suit. Contact us for a quote. 

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