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5 Ways to Exert Power Without Speaking

5 Ways To Exert Power Without Speaking

5 Ways to Exert Power Without Speaking

Business processes and legal transactions rely heavily on personal interactions. To win that mega project for your firm, you will have to interact with the different stakeholders associated with that project. The competitive nature of the business world demands that you bring your A game to the negotiating table, lest you end up with the short end of the stick from the negotiations. You will also require power moves so as to assert your superiority in the proceedings, and to make them favourable to you. Power moves, however, are not just verbal. There are non-verbal power moves that when implemented, could give you the upper hand in your interactions. Here are 5 power moves that give you the edge, even without speaking.

The Power Suit

Nothing exudes power and confidence more than a power suit. A power suit should be in a clean, block colour, such as navy or charcoal, pair with a white shirt and red or blue tie. The suit needs to be tailored to fit you perfectly. It should not be too tight, nor too baggy, as either of these extremes not only make you look bad, but is uncomfortable, and as such, they take the confidence out of you. A power suit is clean, and well-pressed, to give you a sharp and fresh look. Appearances are still very important in today’s world, and a power suit gives you the look of a refined gentleman, who knows what he’s doing, therefore, giving you a powerful edge in your interactions.

The Handshake

Handshakes are also very important in your daily interactions. They are polite ways through which we introduce ourselves to other people. Handshakes say a lot about a person, and the recipient at the other end can learn a lot about you, from your handshake alone. It is for this reason that you should always give a good handshake. It should be firm and powerful, whilst making sure that you look the other person in the eye when giving a handshake. You should also never shake hands with someone when you are facing sideways, as this shows disinterest. You should instead, make sure that you are facing the other person with your full body. This shows that you are confident, and it gives off a welcoming vibe as well.

The Accessories

Accessorizing is another power move that you can pull off without speaking. With the right accessories, you get to stand out from the crowd, and this could give you the upper hand in your interactions. Some of the accessories that are ideal in this case include an expensive, yet classic watches, well folded pocket squares, and a fine hand luggage. The vintage these items are the better, since they show your sophistication and sense of style.

Good Grooming

No one will take you seriously when you are not properly groomed. Poor grooming reeks of carelessness, and your peers will always find ways to avoid you. You should, therefore, make sure that your hair is tidy and your facial hair is well trimmed. Your nails should always be clean, and your skin should be smooth and moisturized. Some people tend to overlook good grooming, but it has the potential to deny you that lucrative contract that you have been chasing all year long.

A Power Stance

This is another power move that can give you an edge in negotiations. You should make sure that your shoulders and hips face the person that you are speaking to. Your neck, chest, and stomach should be uncovered as well so as to show your vulnerable spots. When standing, your arms should hang comfortably at the sides with the hands resting lightly on your hips. Show dominance by acting like you are standing in your own kitchen, and the other person is the guest. Avoid fidgeting as this could distract you and your partner from the discussion.


The outcome of your interactions could be influenced by very small details and the above non-verbal power moves could be what you need to influence proceeding in your favour.

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