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Join the March Mending Madness


Join the March Mending Madness

Isn’t it frustrating to find a hole or a rip when you pull on your favourite trousers or jacket? Will you keep it or throw it away?

To quote Marie Kondo, “does this garment spark joy for you?” If you still love this garment, you should be looking after it, and getting it mended. Not only will you save money and time, when you upcycle, resize and re-style your existing clothing, you will also be saving the planet.

The fashion industry alone produces 4% of the world’s waste each year, which is a staggering 92 Million Tonnes. A lot of that comes from the fabric scraps and waste water products during production. Charities around Australia have now started declining donations, because they are inundated with useless stuff people don’t want anymore.

The Fitting Room believes in sustainability in our fashion industry. Why not buy better, choose things that spark joy, look after it well, and hold on to it for years or decades.

Last March, we successfully raised over $500 for Women’s Legal Service during our March Mending Drive! This year we will be continuing the tradition but doing another drive.

You can bring us all of your worn out, forgotten garments that have been waiting for their chance to be renewed and worn once more!

We want to see things like broken zips, buttons that need replacing, seams that have come apart. We want to see your knitwear that got thrashed about last winter and is in dire need of catching that thread before the whole garment unravels! We have an expert knit mender itching to get their hands on some woollen, cashmere or felted garments.

Take a look at this seemingly un-fixable jacket. The pocket was caught on a doorknob and tore a huge hole in the front. The client sent it to us all the way from USA, and we brought back to life:

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Before Mending

Photo 21 1 19 9 06 07 Am 300x225

After Mending

Here are some more reasons why mending is better than buying new:

  • you will continue to get good value out of items in your wardrobe
  • you can bring back to life some of your favourite pieces
  • you can save money by not having to buy new garments to replace them.
  • you will be able to tick one more thing off your list of to do’s.
  • you will reduce waste and reduce landfill.

We also mend suits and jumpers:

Invisible Mending

Once again, all profits made from mending and repairs in March will go directly to Women’s Legal Service. They provide critically needed free legal aid to women and children escaping domestic abuse. Our director, Clare Sheng, is participating in Dancing CEO’s 2019, to further raise money for Women’s Legal Service. You can find out more about the cause here.

Our fitters and tailors are experts at finding solutions to mend your clothes back to near perfect condition. There is no job too small that wouldn’t be worth bringing to us so that you can wear your favourite clothes again. For those clothes that cannot be revived, we’ll recycle the clothing or donate them to a clothing collection agency.

If you want to find out more about caring for your suits, there is a chapter called ‘How to Care for Your Suits so they Last Longer’ in The Suit Book, where Clare offers some tips and tricks she’s collected over the years to help you maximise the life of your suit. She is constantly asked, “why are my suits getting worn out after only a couple months of wear?” and the answer can be easily put down to simple maintenance. Purchase a copy of the Suit Book online or in-store when we see you this month for our March Mending Madness 2019.

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