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How To Buy a Suit That Fits


How To Buy a Suit That Fits

The much anticipated EOFY year sales are coming up soon. If you are planning to head out and grab a bargain this month, here are some simple steps to help you buy a suit that fits well!

Step 1: Try on the suit.

It’s a tried and tested way to determine whether the suit is for you. Don’t trust the size labels – every company makes suits differently and they will sit on your body differently! If you usually buy from the same brand, chances are you’re pretty safe. However if it is a different style/cut to your usual purchase, quickly slip it on to give it a test drive. Often, styles and fits can differ year to year, and you don’t want to be purchasing something that can’t be altered to fit.

Step 2: Do you feel comfortable?

You are the one wearing the suit everyday, so it is important that you are comfortable and feel good wearing it. Closely look at the colour and the fabric to see if it matches your complexion. Is this going to be a good addition to your capsule wardrobe. Do you already own a suit that colour, or do you need the suit for a specific occasion? How many wears will you get out of this? These are things you should keep in mind while you are choosing the right suit for you.

Step 3: Check some critical areas
  • If you try on a suit and you see any of the following, STOP and don’t buy it!
  • Too tight across the upper back, shoulders, biceps;
  • More than 3cm too tight across the tummy;
  • Jacket not long enough so that it isn’t covering your bum;
  • The lapel is buckling or popping out of your chest;
  • The collar is sitting far away from your neck;
  • Trouser is cutting into your bottom and your crotch;
  • Thighs are too tight and you can’t sit down.

These are signs the suit is too small or not the right cut for you. Alterations will not be able to solve any of these issues.

Step 4: Follow the instructions of your Tailor

We cannot emphasise enough that the fit of the suit is the most important aspect of an outfit. Often, we hear complaints from clients about the cost of alterations compared to how much they paid for the suit. To this we usually reply, why did you spend a couple hundred dollars on a new suit that makes you look and feel bad, when you can spend a little more to make it look amazing and make you feel powerful.


Expensive Quality Suit

As experienced tailors, we understand how a suit should fit and we spend the time getting to know your body shape to work out how to alter and style the suit to make it look uniquely tailored to you.

You can learn more about finding the right suit by reading Clare Sheng’s The Suit Book. Available in store or online for only $29.95

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