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How to clean out your wardrobe while WFH


How to clean out your wardrobe while WFH

Are you working from home, or adhering to social isolation?

It’s difficult to keep feeling motivated and productive while you are at home, with the kitchen and multiple screens beckoning for your attention.

Rather than going on Youtube or peering in your fridge for the 10th time this morning, why not turn your procrastination into productivity by cleaning out your wardrobe!

When is the last time you cleaned out your wardrobe? Is it working well for you? How many pieces do you actually wear out of your collection?

Our wardrobe is often neglected as we are usually too busy. But if you organise, plan, and keep your clothes in top condition, you’ll enjoy getting dressed every morning.

I have a very simple 3 step process to help you create a wardrobe that brings you joy.

Step 1: Take out all of your favourite pieces.

Clear out a section of your wardrobe, and put there all of your favourite pieces. It could be your favourite suits, most comfortable work pants, your go to power outfit, your weekend warriors etc. While you have them out, check through them to see what condition they are in. Are there any garments with missing buttons, ripped seams, or wear in the crotch? Put them in a pile for repairs to take to The Fitting Room on Edward for mending (when we re-open). Some may need a wash, a fresh steam, or a proper dry clean.

Step 2: Take out everything you never wear.

Pull out everything you have not worn in 12 months. Put them all on your bed or on the floor. Then assess them and ask yourself why you never wear them. Is it because they are not your style anymore or you don’t know why you bought it in the first place? If you cannot imagine yourself having a good time while wearing it, put it in the donation pile. However, if you never wear something because it doesn’t fit or need a good repair, put it in The Fitting Room pile. We’ll be able to help you assess whether a good restyle or resize can make this into your favourite piece again.

Step 3: Assess everything else.

These are pieces that you wear from time to time. Maybe you don’t know how to style it, maybe it has sentimental value, or maybe it doesn’t fit well. Use your daily allocated screen time to check out some style bloggers, and find ways to style it with your favourite pieces. Take photos of the matched up outfit for when you are ready to wear them. Pieces with sentimental value can often go into storage, and you know what to do with the pieces that doesn’t fit or need a reshape right?

P.S. Do the same with your accessories, such as shoes, belts, pocket squares and ties.

Shoes and belts can be mended by a good shoes smith such as Baxter Boots or Hallelujah in the city.

Ties need to be dry cleaned if dirty and never put it in a washing machine! If it is torn, changed shape or just need a good steam, put it in The Fitting Room pile for us to give it a refresh.

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