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Last month, we created a completely unique outfit for director Clare. The theme of the ball she was attending was Glitz and Glamour Met Gala Style, so we needed something that was going to stand out in a crowd!


First we started with an AJE halter dress in emerald green. The top section was too narrow for Clare’s shoulders, so we cut it off, created a new facing, and turned into a strapless gown. The torso was also too long for Clare’s short frame, so we cut a seam in the waist to reduce the length and brought the skirt up. This not only made the dress more proportional in the waist, it also emphasised the Aline effect around the hips. 

Next comes the cape, because you MUST have a cape for the Met Gala themed ball.

We found a stunning fuscia shangdong silk from Alla Moda Fabric collection to complement the emerald green.

To keep it simple and elegant, we made a narrow cape, and added some large puff sleeves to give it the extra glamour. 

I think we can all agree it is a one of a kind piece of art. 

If you are after a unique look for your next event, then The Fitting Room is the place to go!

At The Fitting Room on Edward, we can help create or alter your garments for tailored, designer or streetwear looks.

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