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Why do you need a tailor on your side to look good

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Why do you need a tailor on your side to look good

By Mayowa Adeniyi from The Gallant Army @thegallantarmy

Aside from the tradition behind the process, consisting of years and years of the relationship built between a man and his tailor, there is also the practical satisfaction of owning your look which is difficult to achieve otherwise. In an age where a majority of suiting and shirting options come simply “off the rack” it is still a challenge to fit well enough into something that has been mass produced in a standard size. Most retailers consider the bare minimums when it comes to offering sizes; neck, chest and garment length. Sleeves are usually a standard which poses a problem for those of us with disproportionately longer or shorter limbs and the same can also be said for trouser legs. Ask any football player and they will tell you it’s impossible to buy off the rack during the season with such an intense training and bulking regime.

Making yourself familiar with a tailor is especially important especially when buying from a store. After buying a suit, the next point of call should to be the tailor to create the ideal fit that compliments your body shape. The main misconception is the time and effort required for turnaround. The cost you’re putting towards alterations is an investment which pays for itself in the ‘feel good and look good’ long run. A good experienced tailor like The Fitting Room on Edward can have it back to you within a few days to a week.

Contact The Fitting Room on Edward for a free quote on how we can make minor alterations on your suit to instantly lift up its look.

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