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What Women REALLY think about men’s fashion

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What Women REALLY think about men’s fashion

Unless you have been living in a cave, you would have noticed the emerging trends in men’s fashion is turning over almost as fast as women’s fashion.

Should you follow the trends, and start buying clothes a size smaller, cut off your trousers at the ankles and start growing that beard?

We talked to four ladies in the fashion industry, ranging from 20 something to 40 something (of course their actual ages are top secret), and here is what women REALLY think about the latest men’s fashion trends.

  1. Super Slim Suits
    4 out 4 ladies said NO.
    Ladies prefer the more traditional well cut suits that suit the guy’s body shape. Slim suits are only suitable for certain slim builds, but not recommended for bulked up bodies.
  2. Patterned shirts or Monochrome Shirts
    3/4 says Monochrome, and the 20something said either.
    Monochrome is classic and suits most body shapes and complexion. If you are not confident with matching your patterns and prints, stick with a clean crisp white shirt in a good fabric, and a good cut. No one likes to see over sized polyester shirts.
  3. Skinny Jeans
    4/4 says Slim, not skinny.
    Again, skinny jeans only looks good on certain slim shapes. If you have muscular legs, go for a straight/slim cut, to avoid looking like you are wearing ballet tights.
  4. Ankle length trousers with bare ankles and Brogues
    The girls a little divided on this one. 2/4 said no, while the other two thinks only if it is done well.
    If you want to go for this look, make sure the trousers are well tapered and quite slim towards the hem. The shoes should be in good conditions too, in a classic style. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in short, wide leg trousers, and grubby shoes.
  5. Beard and Man-buns
    3/4 says no on excessive facial hair, while the last girl will only accept the look if the hair is well groomed and not too greasy.
    Most girls prefer their guys clean shaven and well groomed. Again, this is a very fashionable look at the moment, but perhaps keep it clean if you are looking for a lady friend.

There you have it. Hopefully this glimpse into what women really think about the latest fashion will help you decide what to do next time you are shopping for a new outfit, or sitting in the barber’s chair.

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