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7 Alterations You Should Make to Every Suit

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7 Alterations You Should Make to Every Suit

“Dress everyday as if you are about to meet your worst enemy”

Few men and women fall exactly into a specific clothing size, and for men, a good fit is imperative for a suit to look good. Anyone considering buying a suit should schedule a trip to the tailor and plan accordingly. With a good tailor, it won’t matter if a suit is new, used, or slightly ill-fitting. A tailor can make the small adjustments necessary to make a suit look good and feel comfortable.

1. Sleeve Length
The jacket sleeves should sit at your wrist bone, with 1.5cm of shirt cuffs showing. Current trends even encourage 2-3cm of shirt cuffs showing.

2. Taper the torso
Taking in the back and side seams of the jacket will make you look slimmer and taller.

3. Taper the sleeves
After tapering the body, check the sleeve width is still proportional to the suit, and not too baggy. Again it is very flattering to have slick and smooth sleeves.

4. Jacket Length
The jacket should just cover your behind, and the front should not extend to below the trousers zip. The correct length will elongate the body and make you look 5cm taller.

5. Pant length
Slim fit trousers should just cover the rim of your shoe with a half break. Classic fit trousers can extent to 1cm above the floor with a full break. Opt for a cuff finish for a more traditional look.

6. Pants waist
If the pants are bubbled around the waist with a belt, then the waist need to be taken in. It can also be made bigger up to 5cm if it is too tight.

7. Pants taper legs
Tapered trousers legs is a MUST for all men. It is modern, slick and flattering on any body shape.

Contact The Fitting Room on Edward if you are not sure about any of the above, and let our experienced fitters help your clothes look like they’re custom made for you.

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