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Should I Have My Suit Dry Cleaned All the Time?

How often do I really need to have my suit dry cleaned?

Have you always wondered how often you should be dry cleaning your suit? Is it after each wear, at the end of every week or every months? This is one of the most common questions any suit-wearer asks, especially if worn for work or another regular event.

To get the answers to the questions you want to know, we speak to Brendan, an expert at  Brisbane’s leading dry cleaning specialists, Leon’s. For over thirty years, this family owned-and-operated business have carved out a specialist niche in garment care for suiting, bridal wear, and everyday garments – all from their location in East Brisbane.

Why should suits be dry cleaned?

To remove the grease and grit on the fabric, and to hold the colour. Machine washing certain garments will often cause the fabric to be damaged, colours faded and sometimes change shape. Dry cleaning has a much more delicate finish and prolongs the life of the garment.

How often should a suit be dry cleaned?

This is more difficult to say. Once the fabric is soiled, it should be cleaned straight away. Try and rotate your trousers and wash them every 3-5 wears or so. Jackets can be refreshed by gentle steaming, and dry cleaned when soiled.

That can be quite often for some people.

Yes, but once sugar-related items are stained on the garment, such as food and drink, if not removed immediately, the stain will oxidise, change colour and become much more difficult to remove in the future. Same with perspiration on silk, it is best not to store without cleaning first, as the silk will turn yellow with time.

What is the best way to store cleaned garments?

I always tell people not to store delicate garments in plastic bags. It’s best to store them in breathable fabric bags, such as non-woven garment bags, or calico cotton bags. Don’t forget to have the garments dry cleaned first before long term storage.

We offer dry cleaning services for clients and customers from our location on Edward Street. Simply drop off your garments at the front desk and the team from Leon’s will pick up and return.

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