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How to shop for clothes online and get the right size?

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How to shop for clothes online and get the right size?

In the modern age, online shopping is all the rage. Convenience of choice online lets you scratch that clothing itch anytime. The only downfall is receiving your item and finding it’s the wrong size. To save you the troubles of returns and wasted time here are some handy tips from the fitters:

  • What Size?
    Check online sizing options and sizing guide. Use sizing conversion charts for Australian sizing comparisons. The sizing can often differ between brands, and seasonal trends, therefore don’t be a slave to ONE size, opt for a measurement check.

  • Measurement Check
    Look for garment measurements, measure a similar item of your own to compare. Key measurements required are:
    Bust (fullest part around the chest) Waist (around the natural waistline) Hips (Approx. 20cm down from natural waistline over the hipbones). We often have customers with garments where only the top part or the bottom part fits correctly. If you don’t have mannequin type figure, go for the size which fits the larger portion of your body (bust/waist/hips), and then have the outfit professionally fitted and finished by your tailor.

  • Style Check
    Know your body and what suits you. If you have a curvaceous shape, loose fit garments and stretch fabric have more flexibility in fitting, and will often fit more people than a structured style. If you find garments tend to fit you well straight off the rack, then it is safe for you to purchase a structured outfit.

  • Quality check
    You get what you pay for. If a picture of a designer copy wedding dress is priced at $200, chances are high it won’t look the same as the original photo.

    Over the years we have seen many customers bring in their mail order garments upset, as the reality of the garment (fabric, quality & style) does not match expectations. In fact this problem is so common, there’s a whole website dedicated to online ordering nightmares. They then need to spend more money attempting to fix the garments, or purchase a new outfit.

    Our advice is: stick to brands you know and trust, read their reviews and ask questions.

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