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6 Habits that are secretly ruining your suits

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6 Habits that are secretly ruining your suits

These are things men do every day, that are slowly wearing down well-loved tailored suits all around the world. How many can you identify with?

#1 Hanging on by your belt loops

Many men hitch their trousers up by hooking their fingers through the belt loops. This places extra strain on those small loops, causing your belt loops to wear away and even tear the fabric of your trousers. Make sure your trousers are the correct size by a simple resize at The Fitting Room on Edward, so you don’t need to hitch your trousers up all the time. If you do need to adjust, pull on your trousers by the sides of the waistband, as it is wider and stronger, providing more support. If your belt loops are worn, The Fitting Room on Edward can mend or make new loops for your trousers.

#2 Stashing your wallet and keys in your pants 

We often mend the pocket opening on the back of trousers every week, due to bulky wallets and keys. Overuse of these pockets not only wears away the lining of your pocket, it may also damage the trouser fabric around your hips, leading to regular mending, and shortening the life of your trousers. Filling your pockets with weighty items can also make you appear bulky when walking, push out the seams of your jacket and ruining the sleek overall look. To minimise fabric damage, keep your essentials in your bag or the inner pocket of your suit jacket.

#3 Not having a satin saddle in your trousers

This usually means your jacket will outlive your trouser. One of the most commonly damaged areas repair is in the crotch, caused by wear and tear to the inner seams from movement. Your trouser life can be extended by installing an extra crotch lining layer (satin saddle), giving your inner seams more strength from general movement and reducing friction. The Fitting Room on Edward has several satin saddle sizes ready to install on your trousers.

#4 Not airing out your suit after wearing

This may trap moisture and odours into your suit fabric, which creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew. Air your suit out on a butler overnight, before hanging it in a dry ventilated wardrobe. Mothballs and camphor can also assist in keeping your fabrics safe from insects. Refresh your suit by dry-cleaning and deodorising semi regularly.

#5 Wearing your trousers too tight

Slim fitting trousers are on trend right now, but when are they too tight? Besides making you feel restricted in movement, it puts more pressure on your trouser seams than usual, and makes your pants prone to ripping at the seams. The aim is to have enough movement in the seat and thigh areas while bending and sitting, and have the legs tapered towards the hem. Trouser waist/seat/legs can generally be adjusted to suit your changing needs, The Fitting Room on Edward can help you check the fit of your trousers, to ensure they’re the right size and look on point.

#6 Not hanging your jacket up properly

Your jacket’s most important feature is the structure and shape. By not hanging your jacket up on a coat hanger, you risk irreversible damage by crushing and wrinkling the fabric layers, and having the shoulder pads and wadding go out of shape. Jackets should be kept on wide jacket hangers that can hold the weight, and preserve the shoulder shape. Invest in premium hangers like HENKERMAN HANGERS and you’ll always look sharp donning your jacket.

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