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5 Ways to make your outfit look more expensive

5 Ways To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive Img

5 Ways to make your outfit look more expensive

To attain style in dress, you must look perfectly happy and relaxed in your clothes, which must appear part of you rather than a wardrobe you have just donned.” – Hardy Amies

When you look good you feel good, confidence is the key in owning your outfit. To make your outfit look more expensive; make it simple and effective. Follow these handy tips:


#1 Go for a perfect fit

No matter how much you spend on your outfit, if it doesn’t fit, it will look borrowed and uncared for. When your outfit is on point and fits perfectly, a $300 suit can look like it’s worth 10 times its value. Every garment in your wardrobe should be in the correct size, and fitted at the right shape and length to maximise its value. Off-the rack suits can instantly look custom made with a few tweaks or an entire makeover.

Have your suit professionally altered by The Fitting Room on Edward.

#2 Invest in premium shoes that will last many styled outfits to come.

A good pair of shoes will compliment your outfit, show others you know what you’re doing and they’ll carry you far. Every man should have pairs of well-polished dress shoes in black and tan. Leather brogues are in fashion right now, and looks on point with tapered trousers.

#3 Accessorise with a statement piece and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Often times style icons are unique and daring. Invest in statement pieces you really love and you’ll wear them often. You’ll be memorable and it’ll open up a topic of conversation to acquaintances that admire your style. Statement accessory ideas include: Watch, leather bag, belt, pocket square or tie-clip etc.

#4 Keep it simple

When in doubt, leave it out. If your outfit is put together but looks too busy, scale it back and keep it balanced. Too many colours, clashing patterns and over accessorising can appear mismatched and messy not classy.

#5 Keep it tidy

Make sure you’re well-groomed from top to toe. Check your suit is steamed, shirt pressed and shoes polished. An expensive outfit looks sharp in real life, not just in style magazines! Your hair should also be well cut and gelled, facial hair tidy and nails buffed clean. No one would do business with a grubby person who doesn’t even know to look after themselves.

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