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Disaster proof your Melbourne Cup Fashion – 5 things to know

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Disaster proof your Melbourne Cup Fashion – 5 things to know

The Race that Stops a Nation is almost upon us. We break down the most practical advice you will find, on how to disaster proof our Melbourne Cup outfit, stand out in a crowd, and look composed all day long.

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Photo by Mayowa Adeniyi. Modelled by Alex Radu, wearing Herringbone and Rhodes & Beckett.

1. Don’t wear white

There are many reasons one should not wear white trousers or jacket to the races. White garments need to be made from high quality fabrics to look decent. The look is often mismatched with the wrong accessories, and usually reserved for the gaudy, attention seeking outfits. The biggest reason to not wear white to the races will be the obvious practical one, wine, food and mud stains.

2. Get it tailored

No outfit is complete unless it has been tailored to fit the wearer perfectly. The races are a traditionally formal outing, where spectators dress up in their finest to watch the sport. In the age of disposable fashion, people forget the fit of an outfit is more always important than trend. Why spend money and time on buying an expensive outfit, only to roll up the oversized sleeves or have the fabric strain at the hips? Make a trip down to your tailors (The Fitting Room), and have the professionals tweak it so it complements your body.

3. Go for a 3 piece

Melbourne Cup is a very warm day in Brisbane. If you are spending your day outdoors on the field, it is highly impractical to be wearing a suit jacket all day. Once the jacket is off, men are often left wearing sweat soaked, wrinkly shirts underneath. With a three piece, you have still the option to look dress up, wearing a well-tailored waist coat, once the jacket is taken off.

4. Accessorise stylishly

The simplest way to upgrade an outfit (after it’s been tailored) is to add accessories. With millennial men being even more fashion conscious than women, options to dress up an outfit is now endless. Accessory options have also increased exponentially. Choose from no more than two of the below, to keep your look classic, and to avoid looking like a store mannequin. Sunglasses, pocket squares, tie clips, button holes, collar pins, coloured socks, cufflinks, braces. Lastly, don’t bring your Cartier or Rolex, unless you are going to be composed enough throughout the day to look after them.

5. Know your colour pallet

Get to know your colour wheel, and what suits you. To finish an outfit, add a splash of complementary colour (eg. Blue as to orange) by popping in a pocket square, coloured socks or a fresh floral buttonhole. For the sophisticated, muted look, add colours from the colour pallet that are next to your main colour (eg. Purple as to blue). Don’t forget, always avoid colours that are too close to your natural skin tone. 

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