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How to NOT dress like Donald Trump

How to NOT dress like Donald Trump

They say money cannot buy you style. This is certainly the case for America’s President elect, Donald Trump.

He has said that he is a fan of Brioni suits, and wore it on every episode of the Apprentice. However, it would seem that even a $5000 suit, if badly worn, will still look oversized and outdated.

Here are a few quick tips, on how to wear a suit for a large man, without looking like Donald Trump.

Shorten the tie

It would seem Mr. Trump has never heard the golden rule, the tie should never reach past the belt. A wide and long tie, with a disproportionately small knot, draws the eye towards his tummy and adds 20kg onto his mid-section.

Correction: The tie knot should be at least 1.5x wider, and the tie should finish just above the belt. Go for a medium width tie for larger gents.


Donald Trump - Celebrity Style


Fix the Shoulders

Mr. Trump a fan of the oversized jacket. The extra large shoulder pads that extends past the shoulder, is reminiscent of the 80’s, where his fashion sense still resides.

Correction: The shoulders should sit inline with the edge of his shoulders, not over.


Tailor the jacket

Again, Donald wears his jacket very loose with no curves along the waist to speak of. He also never buttons his jacket when standing, deviating from yet another golden suit wearing rule. The open jacket flares out at the midsection and hips, making his tummy look even larger than it is.

Correction:always do up the top button of the jacket while standing. Tailor the suit so there is a slight curve around the midsection to give the illusion of a waist.


Taper the trousers

Trump wears trousers the same way he wears his suit, too long and too wide.

Correction:The trouser legs should be tapered to elongate and lighten the body, rather than emphasising his weight.


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Jonah Hill


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