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Invest in yourself in 2018


Invest in yourself in 2018

How much do you pay a graphic designer for their time?

How about an electrician?

Or maybe a photographer?

These people have all spent years if not decades, perfecting their craft. Investing their time and money to become professionals in their field.

And so do we. Our alterations tailors all have five to 20 years of experience, they are vigorously trained and monitored to deliver the best quality work on every garment.

I get so frustrated when I hear clients complain about the cost of alterations being more than what they have paid for their garments, and that we should charge less for cheaper garments. Do our skills suddenly become less valuable because of the price tag on the garment?

Would you pay an electrician a different rate for difference appliances? Would you ask the photographer to charge a lower rate because he is just take photos of a less formal event?

Expensive Quality Suit

Where do your clothes come from? Why is it so cheap? Most often, they’re made in a developing country, by underpaid labourers, on a production line. These manufacturers do not pay the same rate of wages, rent and overheads as Australia.

Our tailors treat every garment exactly the same. Even if it’s a $10 t-shirt or a $10000 suit, each job is finished at the highest quality standard, treated with the same care, and at the same price.

I don’t understand when people try to compare the price of alterations to what they have paid for the garment. It is not related.

If the clothes don’t fit properly, you will feel horrible each time you put it on, or probably never wear it. Whatever price you have paid for them, you have just wasted those dollars.

The focus should be on the amazing feeling and the confidence that a perfectly fitting suit can give you in your daily life. Imagine being able to put on any suit in your wardrobe, and instantly feel amazing because it is perfectly tailored, and make you look like the best dressed person in a room.

How much is that feeling worth to you?

Fit over Style every time! It doesn’t matter if your suit is $300 or $3000, if it doesn’t fit properly, then it will make you look bad.

The clothes on your back are like your suit of armour. They make you look good, and feel invincible.

A good power suit will help boost your confidence and intimidate your opposition. Being well groomed and well dressed also shows self-respect and respect for others. It shows that you are serious about your clients and your job, and your life in general. Your appearance is a reflection of your company, your work and what you represent.

When you dress like a winner, you feel like a winner, and you are a winner.

Make 2018 your best year, invest yourself, and start to look and feel like the best version of yourself.

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