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How do you hold your pants up?

How do you hold your pants up?

by Clare Sheng

Firstly, the trousers should be fitted correctly so that it stays on your waist without any aids. If it doesn’t, then swap it for the correct size, or come into The Fitting Room to have it adjusted. You can also use any one of these following three accessories enhance your look, and accommodate for the minor waist changes throughout the day.

pacfair-fullbody-final resize
Matching belt and shoes


Most trousers come with belt loops to use with a belt. Make sure you wear a quality leather belt, and make sure to always match it to the colour of your shoes. It’s important to keep in mind that the belt should not be used to hold up your pants, as your pants should be fitting properly. However, the belt can be used to tighten up the waist of trousers by a fraction before a meal, and loosened after. When tightened, the fabric of the trouser should not bunch up under the belt, as that means your trousers are too loose. The belt adds a business feel aspect to the outfit, but is not to be worn in a formal occasion. Make sure you never wear a belt with a tuxedo, instead wear a cummerbund or braces/suspenders.

image via instagram- Shaun Birley
image via instagram- Shaun Birley, wearing braces


Braces, or suspenders, can be used instead of a belt, but never with. There are six buttons on the inside of the waistband of trousers for the braces to attach to, or clip-on’s (like the image above) are another option. It is very useful for holding up trousers for men who has a big belly, or do not have much of a waist. It can be also used to make a bold fashion statement, and should be styled with care. Try and match it with your shoes and/or shirt.

adjuster tab
Tab adjusters

Tab Adjusters

Another feature used on bespoke suits are tab adjusters. The tabs are made with the same fabric as the trousers, paired with the buckles on each side of the waist. They can be used to loosen or tighten the trousers by up to 3 cm. They are also now a very fashionable feature which can be added to the side of the waistband.


Make sure you never use more than one of these features at the same time, just choose one. At The Fitting Room, we can create, or remove any of these features to perfect your look.


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