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Join the March Mending Drive


Join the March Mending Drive

We have come to that point in the year where the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s have worn off, and it’s time to get back to business and refocus on ourselves.

You’re settled into your job again, the kids are back at school, and you have everything under control – except for that one chore you keep putting off: there is a bag of clothes sitting in the corner of your closet collecting dust (and possibly mites!).

Everyone has a bag like that. It’s full of clothes that no longer fit, needs a button replaced, or a seam mended.

You’ve paid good money for these clothes, and now they’re just sitting there, unworn in your closet for months, not providing any value in your life.

You’re too busy, getting them fixed is low on the priority list.

However, did you know you can save money and time, when you upcycle, resize and re-style your existing clothing?

  • you will continue to get good value out of items in your wardrobe
  • you can bring back to life some of your favourite pieces
  • you can save money by not having to buy new garments to replace them.
  • you will be able to tick one more thing off your list of to do’s.
  • you will reduce waste and reduce landfill.

Things that you SHOULD have mended or altered are: trouser hems fallen down, a tear in the side of your dress, the elbows of your jacket have worn through, the crotch of your favourite trouser has gone caput, the zipper has broken on your trousers, you have put on or lost weight and clothes no longer fit, you’ve still got a favourite jacket from yesteryear which scream Power Suit, or you simply want to modernise favourite pieces so they can be slipped back into your staples.

This March, The Fitting Room will be running our first ever March Mending Drive. You can finally bring in that bag of old, ill-fitting, or damaged pieces of clothing. Let us bring them back to life so that you can include them in your wardrobe again.

For those clothes that cannot be revived, we’ll recycle the clothing or donate them to a clothing collection agency.

ALL PROFITS from mending jobs in March will be donated to Women Legal Services. They are a volunteer service giving free legal advice and help to women and children who are suffering from domestic abuse. Do you know more than 50% of phone calls to domestic abuse hotlines goes unanswered because of lack of funding?

Our fitters and tailors are experts at finding solutions to mend your clothes back to near perfect condition. There is no job too small that wouldn’t be worth bringing to us so that you can wear your favourite clothes again.

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