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Meet: Larry Lim!

Larry Lim is a Brisbane-based (for now) social media influencer, content creator and long time client of The Fitting Room on Edward. One swipe of his Instagram feed brings up some serious lifestyle envy; from documenting his international travel to his favourite local coffee spots and some fashion tips thrown in for good measure. We recently sat down for a chat to learn more about his unique style, personality and how it ties into his work.

How does work influence your daily style?

Working in social media means I’m constantly exposed to the latest international trends. My wardrobe definitely tends towards the silhouettes of the season but I try to keep new purchases to classic styles I’ll be able to wear for years to come.

Do you have a menswear or style inspiration?​

I love seeing the street styles coming out of big cities like London, New York and Tokyo. Good outfits look even greater when shot against epic urban backdrops. I’m constantly following new menswear bloggers and designers to stay inspired.

Would you consider yourself a fashion follower?​
Yes and no. You have to ride the fashion trends to keep relevant or you may get left behind. However, overconsumption is a huge issue so I always go for quality pieces that will have a long life in my wardrobe.
Something you wish someone had taught you about dressing well?​
Tailoring, tailoring, tailoring! A well fitted outfit makes all the difference.
Describe your most memorable fashion faux pas?​
Wearing a new suit with the tacking stitch still on the jacket’s vents. I hope no-one noticed before I did!
Why is dressing well so important to you?

Dressing well always boosts my confidence and makes me feel ‘put together’. Even when I’m working from home, having a nicely coordinated casual outfit gives me a sense of collectedness.

Do you think style is born within or learned?

Some people are born with style, but for me I learnt everything I know through social media. I started with the essentials and soon was able to define my own personal style.

Where do you see your style in the next 5-10 years?
As I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I’ve begun appreciating high quality goods so I’ll be curating a collection of luxury items that will last the test of time. The initial investment is greater but it’s worth it down the track and much better for the environment than churning through cheap pieces.

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