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Why You Need to Get Your Shirt Custom Made

For over 100 years, the collared shirt has been the basis of smart casual and business wear for men. The earliest iterations of the modern dress shirt date back to the twentieth century, before which such garments were considered as underwear, not to be publicly seen.

Since then styles have come and gone, but the basic elements have stayed the same – the collar, cuff and front buttons for closure. The advancement of the corporate environment has also contributed to the shirts becoming a wardrobe staple, not just for men, but also with women entering the workforce. 

Despite the potential for custom or made-to-measure shirting, many people still choose to stick with off the rack options. This can be condensed down for several reasons, most prominently the ease of a readily available option when they need it.

We already know how hard it can be to know what to look for when buying a shirt off the rack, so it’s only fair that we also break down some of the reasons why you should be investing in high-quality custom made shirts.

Reason 1: Fit

This is perhaps the primary reason for most people who decide to invest in a custom-tailored shirt. For some, the benefit of having something created for their measurements is something they can’t pass up. This is especially evident if they may have a body shape that doesn’t easily fit an off-the-rack piece. For example, longer arms, rounded shoulders etc. If this is the case, regular-sized garments will need to be adjusted by an alterations specialist to get the right fit. 

By the end, it can end up costing almost the same as the original garment, not to mention additional time spent between purchase and enjoying the final product 

Learn more about what the right fit should feel like here.

Reason 2: Fabric

Even when the fit is right, comfort can sometimes come down to the type of fabric sitting against your skin. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it can create issues that leave you dreading the next wear.

The most common shirting fabric is cotton. While soft, it is a very strong natural fibre and allows the highest level of breathability for the wearer. In addition, cotton fibres are naturally coated with waxes providing a level of natural water repellent.

 To lesser extent shirts can also be made from polyester, a synthetic fibre derived from petroleum-based products. While cheaper, polyester provides almost zero to no breathability and does not absorb perspiration. One of the tell-tale signs of a poly shirt is when you start to notice your body sweating and an inability to cool down.

Learn more about your cotton shirt options here.

Reason 3: Sustainability

If the above aren’t enough to reconsider where you get you shirts, there’s one more reason – sustainability.It’s no secret that mass-produced clothing from the fashion industry is a major contributor to the growing problem of textile waste in landfill (which is why we’re donating to plant a tree for every Google review, custom tailoring, or alterations order over $150!). 

Fast fashion brands are a key player in this practice, often turning around clothing using less than sustainable means. This starts right from the point of sourcing raw materials to carbon emissions released during the shipping process. If not checked, making clothes can be fairly impactful on the environment. 

Custom made and tailored shirts utilise the practice of slow fashion. By producing just what is needed shirts are only put into production and shipped once a customer has placed an order. This makes the process far more efficient and considered. While it may take longer, it is ultimately kinder to the environment.

So, why go custom?

It’s simple! A custom (or made-to measure) shirt gives you the best of all three reasons above.

As the name suggests, custom tailored shirts are designed to your own body measurements. This completely removes the need for guessing what size you may or may not be and lets a professional take care of the fit.

With access to a wide range of high-quality shirt fabric, your tailor can also work with you to pick out the best styles for your daily and casual wear. Do you like to stick with the safer options of blue and white or are you a bit more adventurous with your shirting choices? It’s up to you. 

Finally, your custom tailored shirt is also an opportunity to customise shirt features that may not be readily available in a store. Get creative and choose the collar, cuff or any other detail that you want. With a custom tailored shirt, there is no limitation on combinations.

For more information, speak with our team today

In just 30 minutes, you can start on the journey to better fitting shirts that take all the hassle out of buying your next wardrobe pieces.

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For more fashion tips and styling advice, check out the rest of our blog here. Coming soon, we’ll also be covering why you need to get your suits custom-made.

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