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Meet: Aaron Benstead

You may know Aaron Benstead as one of our best-dressed clients. Now living and working in the Middle East as a construction and major projects lawyer, he took some time out of his day to answer some of style questions in our latest customer feature.

Can you describe your typical work day?

I work in a corporate environment so I am required to wear trousers and a shirt – a jacket during the cooler months – a suit if I have court work. However, I typically don’t follow the norm. Rather than wearing a grey suit day in day out, I’ll mix it up with an olive green cotton suit or a dark brown fresco wool suit or a tobacco linen double breasted suit. The key to making it work in a corporate environment is keeping everything around it (the shirt, shoes, tie) simple and classic.

What’s one thing you wish someone had taught you about dressing well in the workplace?

Dressing well is subjective. Not everyone is going appreciate your taste and style but don’t let that deter you from expressing your personality in the workplace. The reality is most of your colleagues will either love how you dress or won’t have time to even care.

How do you define success?

Financial freedom

Do you think style is taught or learned?

Learnt. The internet has made it so easy for any person to read a sartorial blog or follow an Instagram influencer and learn from their journey.

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

I would tell myself not to be afraid of change or doubt my abilities.

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You can also check out Parts One and Two of An Introduction to Quality English Footwear, written by Aaron for us.

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At The Fitting Room on Edward, we can help alter your garments, whether for tailored, designer or streetwear looks.

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