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Our top picks for suit fabrics for Brisbane

Suit Fabrics

By Kannu Sharma

Did you know there are over 200 different types of fabrics on this planet? That doesn’t make it easier for you to choose the fabric for your next custom-made suit, does it? In our last blog, we told  you why you should have your suit custom-made with The Modern Gentry. This short blog will help you choose the perfect fabric for your next suit.

Don’t worry, we totally get how difficult is to find the perfect fabric for the Australian weather. Here are some of our favourite suiting fabrics. 


Wool is the most common natural fibre used in suiting. It can be woven to form many different types of fabrics. It is very breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, not to mention it’s biodegradable. 

Wools labelled as a Super 100s, Super 120s or Super 180s refer to the number of times the wool was twisted when it was made. The higher the number, the finer the cloth and more expensive it is.

But there is a catch to be wary of. Super 160s and Super 180s may feel amazing – like liquid silk against your skin – however they are less durable than a standard fabric. Suits made with these fabrics are not meant to be worn on a day-to-day basis.

If you do buy a suit in Super 160s or more, try to wear it no more than once per week, and leave it hanging on a good coathanger to air out before storing. This gives the fibres a chance to reset and go back to their natural shape.

P.S. The Modern Gentry also offers Australian Merino Wool, the world’s finest and softest wool. It’s a very desired fabric for luxury clothing because of its quality and versatility.

This fabric is your best friend in summers and a perfect spring wedding suit. It is very light, breathable, and comfortable on the skin – the only downside is the easily wrinkled nature. A linen suit gives you an instantly stylish appearance, for a more dressed up look, wear a linen suit in a darker colour.

Cotton is hands down the most comfortable and desired fabric after wool. It is light, soft, and ideal for the warmer months with maximum breathability, perfect if you are going for a casual look. Just like linen, cotton tends to wrinkle easily.

Natural Wool Blends
Is wool not luxurious enough? Why not try a natural wool blend then? We recommend,

· Wool/Silk, for its super smooth touch. The little heavier weight and twill weave gives your suit a structure and the slight shine will make you stand out.
· Wool/Cashmere, for its warmth and softness. This blend gives your suit a unique body and much needed elasticity and will help you turn heads.

Stay away from Synthetics

Synthetics are man-made fabrics that are cheap to produce. The weave of the fabric is very tight, which means it does not breathe well. The fabric is also less soft to touch (so if you have garments that are itchy, chances are they’re synthetic).

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Talk to our qualified fitters at The Modern Gentry who will support you throughout the designing process of your next custom-made suit. 

Are you ready to put your best foot forward with a custom-made suit? 

Skilled tailors at The Modern Gentry by The Fitting Room understand the importance of your uniqueness and will ensure that your personality is reflected through that custom-made suit! So, don’t wait any longer – talk to an experienced fitter today and get started on your suit.

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