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Why You Need to Have Your Suit Custom Made


Not only are suits the best investment in a man’s wardrobe but they also convey a message of confidence and individuality. With the ever-changing fashion trends that invite us to find our own style, a well tailored suit will never get out of fashion – even more when it is custom-made by expert hands and created with the finest fabrics.

Previously, we talked about the importance of why you need to get your shirt custom made. This time, we walk you through the importance of custom-made suits and why you need one as soon as possible!

1.     The Perfect Fit
We have talked about this several time but believe us when we say that a custom-made suit will sit comfortably on your body and show it off in the most flattering way. Experienced tailors who understands the uniqueness of your body and the construction of a suit, will create the most precious investments in your wardrobe.

2.     Be your own Designer (Make it personal)
This is your chance to unleash your inner Tom Ford! If being a fashion designer has crossed your mind in your early years, then designing your own personal suit can fulfill that dream. Design every part of the suit, from cuffs and collars to lapels and linings to buttons and fabrics – it can all be made to your exact taste. Moreover, who doesn’t want to bring out individuality in their wardrobe that off the racks suits simply cannot do.

3.     Fabric Range
Who knows your body better than you? You know what fabrics you are comfortable in and what fabrics to stay away from. While designing your own suit you have complete control over the fabric, colour, and style, so why not make it one to remember? The breathability of fabrics, especially in the Australian summer plays an enormous factor. In our next blog we will talk about all the fabrics you can use to create your perfect suit.

4.     Quality and Sustainability
Slow fashion is your friend if you are looking for quality and sustainability in your clothing. Knowing that your investment in a custom-made suit doesn’t cause the same catastrophic damage to the environment makes the experience even better. With the superior quality and durability of your custom-made suit, we guarantee you will love wearing it for many years to come.

5.     Let your IG explode with Likes
Lets be honest, male influencers have a great sense of styling and thrive on the concept of custom-made clothing and slow fashion. It’s your time to show up with the same confidence and a perfectly fitted suit, so your Instagram can explode with those likes.


Are you ready to put your best foot forward with a custom-made suit? 

Skilled tailors at The Modern Gentry by The Fitting Room understand the importance of your uniqueness and will ensure that your personality is reflected through that custom-made suit! So, don’t wait any longer – talk to an experienced fitter today and get started on your suit.

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