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Why Does Your Suit Go Shiny?

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By – Kannu Sharma

Shiny Suits! You may have come across them or even owned one, but do you know how they become shiny and get this unattractive hard-pressed look?

First of all… FABRIC matters! We have said this once and we’ll say this again, investing in good quality suits is the key to longevity. If your suit is made of cheaper materials like polyester or polyester blends, it is more likely to get damaged quicker than high quality suits. Even adequate care of those fabrics won’t spare them from getting shiny. This is one of the many reasons why our fitters at The Modern Gentry will only offer high-quality fabrics for your custom-made suits.

But we are not done here, there is another reason why your suits turn shiny, and this might be the most common cause. You can buy a suit made of the best fabric in the world and it can still turn shiny and get a hard-pressed appearance. How, you ask? Bad dry-cleaning. That’s it. Your suit is getting pressed by a machine with too much pressure, using too much steam, at a too high temperature, for too long and that’s all it takes to ruin your much-loved suit. Invest in an experienced dry-cleaner and you will thank us later. It’s all about technique, passionate dry cleaners understand the uniqueness of every fabric and know how to take care of them.

Want to know more about this topic? Ask our talented fitters for the contact details of a cheap dry-cleaning place for your high-quality suit and watch their blood pressure rise. Here is a tip, bring a portable defibrillator, they might need it after that question.

The Fitting Room on Edward works with See Drycleaners as our prefered service provider. They provide an excellent cleaning service, and owner Tony has a keen eye for detail.

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