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How to Dress Like a Boss Lady in Winter


A new season sometimes means a new wardrobe….and let’s be honest, who doesn’t get a boost in confidence when they wear a new outfit that is not only comfortable and classic, but trendy as well? Here at The Fitting Room on Edward we have a keen eye for all the latest designs, fabrics and trends that the fashion world brings each season. We also understand that it is easy to get overwhelmed with so many options in this day and age of fast fashion.

That’s why we thought we’d give you a few tips and tricks for building your boss lady winter wardrobe.

Shades Of Brown

Everyone is wearing it now because brown is the color of this season. But neutral tones have never truly gone out of style. Try putting together an outfit made up entirely of neutral palette – mix your browns and beiges and we promise you, it will look effortless and chic every winter.


A Fantastic Sleeve

Who else thinks of Bridgerton when they see puffy sleeves? You can play around with different fabrics, textures and colors and they can be used to create interest to an outfit without having to overload accessories.



We are not talking about biker jackets or boots (although these are always key players). This season, we are talking about leather coats, trousers, skirts and more! Invest in quality leather pieces – or an amazing leather upper for those of you who prefer the alternative – and you will see the value season after season.


Shades Of Green

Green is another color that we have seen trending for the past few winters and it is here to stay. Invest in a staple button up blouse or sweater and this will add the perfect amount of color to your winter wardrobe.


The Boss Blazer

We love blazers. Always have and always will. They are a staple in your wardrobe and can be styled in so many ways. Dress up any outfit and make it look fashionable and on-trend. Add it to a jean-and-tee combo for that casual Sunday outing. We recommend playing around different patterns and neutral tones but avoid crazy bold colors – you want versatility.


The reality is that fashion trends come and go. Which is why at the end of the day our biggest recommendation for those boss ladies out there looking to build their wardrobe is;


Buy Quality.


Invest in a great Tailor!


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