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Meet: Nathan Schokker

Nathan Schokker

From construction sites to boardroom pitches, no day looks the same for Nathan Schooker. Nathan is a multiple business owner, entrepreneur, founder of Talio and SafeTicket and currently the President of the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce. Dressing well and comfortable has always been important to him – find out more about his love for bright jackets and what he wished to have learned about dressing well at the workplace.

Introduce yourself! What do you do for a living?
I’m a multiple small business owner & entrepreneur working across commercial cleaning, property services and more recently #eventtech surrounding event ticketing and digital contact tracing. Also I’m current President of the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce. 
Can you describe your typical work day?
A typical day can change senes quickly from construction sites to Zoom meetings and boardroom pitches, sprinkled with ample coffee meetings and a few emojis 💃😝. For the majority of my time, my day is spent helping people achieve what they’re aiming for and helping them harness their best in pursuit of larger goals. Lots of ideas and problem solving are always involved, and always good fun!
How does your daily work influence your style and why is dressing well important to you?
Given my days are often very knock about, style needs to comfortable and look good (especially for sweaty weather). The ability to dress up or dress down in a moment or two is essential – no one wants a three piece suit strolling around a construction site, and no one wants work boots destroying a boardroom.
Dressing well is about confidence. If you don’t dig what you’re wearing and how you rock it, no one’s gonna dig what you’re aiming for. Simple. 
What items in your life do you place the most value on?
Alone time – as a harsh introvert, I need alone time to process and think through stuff.
Networks – without these, I’m going nowhere fast. 
Being a regular – small businesses live and die by their ‘regulars’ and once you become a regular to a business the amount of care you receive and the fun you can have with others doing what they love is very cool. 
What’s one thing you wish someone had taught you about dressing well in the workplace?
How to dress for the occasion. No doubt I’ve over or under dressed many, many times in the workplace and just a guiding hand to point out what works and is suitable for what times would have been invaluable. 
How do you define success?
Happiness. Success is subjective and too readily we judge others ‘success’ based on our own ruler. If you’re happy with your success, damn we’ll be proud of that because many can’t be happy with any success because they’re too focused on beating someone else. 
If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?
Build a network sooner and quicker. It’s not what you know (always), it’s often who you know. 
If you were to write a book about yourself, how would you name it?
Wears jackets and drinks coffee ☕️: where crazy ideas are never too crazy. 
Always be the nice person. 

Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn, he is always up for a coffee. 

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